The Amazing Worldy Tinkers



Photographer, Artisan, Customer Service, Gypsy


Tam oversees Customer Service and keeps CJ in line.


The Boss

Artist, Writer, Artisan, Customer Service, Celt


The man who started it all. 
People over Profits.
Independence and Self-Sufficiency.



MostlySAFE Mascot, Thief of All Things Not Nailed Down


When things go catewampus, chances are there's a Wumpus nearby.
Love him anyway. 

MostlySAFE Staff

Space Bucket Supervisor


Marketing, Customer Service, MostlySAFE Manager

Jen manages the MostlySAFE Crew - or as she says, "Wrangles Cats".

Space Bucket Shipping


Shipping, Customer Service, Mega-Mind

Kevin assists transit and delivery. Brains behind the MostlySAFE Space Bucket design.

Space Bucket Sales


Sales, Customer Service, Security

Trevor mans our Sales team on the Floor and assists on Deliveries. Runs towards danger instead of away.

Space Bucket Imports


Shipping, Customer Service, Kekistani


Marjory packages your Space Bucket before Shipping it to your doorstep.

How Karma Doll all began

This is actually a kind of funny story of how Karma Doll began. I caught wind of my neighbor whispering stories of us being witches. If you knew me, this couldn't be farther from the truth. But I do have a sense of humor, so I thought it would be funny to make a voodoo looking doll complete with pins and hang it in the window so the neighbor could see the message on her tummy stating "Thinking of You", playing on her worst fears. At first this was just a gag idea, but before I knew it, I was well into my project, I had decided to make it out of burlap to ad to the creepy dolly effect. I found myself feeling better with each hand stitch. I realized I could regain my peace with simply directing my energy in a more positive way. I could see how this could help others in their own life by providing a variety of one-of-a-kind poppet dollies to manifest the Good that an individual wishes to bring about. Whether it be to block negative energy, to gain protection from another individual, to bring about success, love, prosperity, to help a loved one, to reunite a lost pet with it's owner, or to simply give as a unique gift.
I began brainstorming on all the different types of dollies that would help others in some way. I am a traveling Gypsy, each and every one of my Karma Dolls are made with love by me.

Enjoy and have fun!


"Dude, you're fucking psycho." ~SuperAngryGuy