White Rabbit Mask Doll, Freak Show Goth Doll, Dystopia Rabbit Mask, Carnie, "Friday" Karma Doll with Sad Bun Mask

This is "Friday" Karma Doll, she is dark but very likable. She is member of the Karma Doll Carnies traveling Freak show. Her gift is to help you release your anxiety. Behind her Sad Bun mask, she worries for you, so you dont have to. Let her help your anxiety melt away. Placing her next to where you lay your head is an excellent location for her to do her work.

She is hand sewn by me - Gypsyana. I'm a Gypsy traveling around the North West in our caravan with my kilt-wearing Scot husband. Friday can wear her mask or set it next to her. She is made with burlap stuffed with cotton batting. Great Collectors item.


"Friday" is hand made to Order with a 2-3 week shipping time line

If you choose to use her as a Karma Doll to bring about positive reform in your life, she is able to hold multiple Karma Pins. Small size are best. (Pins sold separately) Karma Doll strives to make our dollies with up-cycled materials when ever possible.

Karma Pins colors correspond with karmic influence. Focus your thoughts and energy when inserting Karma Pins into your dolly to bring about your desires for that individual.

White: Peace, Health, Positivity
Black: Repel Negative Energy, Positive Reform
Blue: Love
Green: Prosperity, Fertility
Yellow: Success, Wealth
Orange: Safety, Support
Red: Control, Energy
Pink: Passion, Happiness
Purple: Spirituality, Balance

Disclaimer: Karma dolls are NOT for young children. Karma Dolls are a fun way to release your unnecessary stress in your life, stay out of trouble, and reclaim your peace.

Each Karma dolly is blessed to the Supreme before leaving the caravan. Remember, we recommend Karma Dolls to be used for positive purposes only. Beware the Karmic lash-back should you not heed this warnin'.

Made by Real Gypsy's

Oh, and one more thing...
...Peace is a state of mind.

Karma Doll Copyright 2019

White Rabbit Mask Doll, Creepy Cute Designer Art Doll by Karma Doll