Tim Burton style Rag Doll toy full of mischievous personality!
his name is Voodoo Dick - by Karma Doll

Made to order with a 1 wk shipping time line.
For those of you who want the cream-de-la-cream of energy manipulation, the Tippy-Top of Quantum entaglement, it is my pleasure to introduce Voodoo Dick Karma Doll!

This poppet is intended for hard use and difficult encounters frequently found on the road as a Traveler. Able to withstand psychokinetic projections and frequent exposure to photon radiation in all Spectrums, Voodoo Dick is the choice for everyone. Whether you are a Paranormal Investigator in need of an egregore to absorb protoplasmic energy, Voodoo Dick is also just a really, really cute, fun squishy toy!


Karma Dolls are just for funsies, nothing more!


This poppet is hand sewn by me - Gypsyana. I'm a Gypsy traveling around the West Coast in our caravan with my kilt-wearing Scot husband.

Voodoo Dick is made with heavy cotton fabric chosen for durability and texture. Karma Dolls are made with up-cycled materials when ever possible.

Safety first! While your Karma Doll may look tame, it is still a bit wild. Take care, lest it bites you while you're not paying attention! 


Oh, and one more thing...
...if you tell the Truth, you need not remember a lie.

Karma Doll Copyright 2019
VooDoo Dick Copyright 2019
MostlySAFE. Used by permission

Rag Doll, His name is Voodoo Dick by Karma Doll