Voodoo Dick in Las Vegas Shot Glass Glow in the Dark, Pitch Poppet his name is Voodoo Dick by Karma Doll

Voodoo Dick - Karma Doll in a pocket size 3" figure, Designer Art Toy. Only 1 available (shipping 3-5 days)

Karma Doll Poppets Designer Art toys. Don't let his pocket size fool you, he is full of personality that makes up for his size. Watch out, he is a bit of a flirt with the lady's.

This poppet is hand sculpted, cast in durable rubber, and hand painted by me - Gypsyana. I'm a Gypsy traveling around the West Coast in our caravan with my kilt-wearing Scot husband. Voodoo Dick was hand cast in rubber. Created entirely in house in the Amazing Worldly Tinkers Caravan.

Disclaimer: Karma dolls are NOT for young children. Suitable for 15+ years.
Karma Dolls are just for funsies!

Oh, and one more thing...
...Peace is a state of mind.

Karma Doll Copyright 2019
VooDoo Dick Copyright 2019
MostlySAFE. Used by permission

Voodoo Dick in Las Vegas Shot Glass by Karma Doll