Need to show your kingdom's subservience? Want to prove your loyalty to someone? Look no further!


A Jackalope in foreground with clear stream between. Peer into the waters and see the lichen laden tree limbs and a darting fish among the stream's stones.
Cross the stream and step around the stained menhir to find some wild mushrooms! 

Enjoy a small sample of the Pacific Northwest with this Token of Earth and Water.


Want to suck up to your boss?
Send a token of earth and water!
Want to make up with your lady?
Send a token of earth and water!
Be like the Cool Kids of old and send a token of earth and water! 


Based on decorative plinth for handling and display. Hand sculpted and assembled from elements in the Pacific Northwest.

This miniatures is painted using Natiral Palette, Texture, and NMM. All miniatures are sealed with Dull Cote to protect against the lump and bumps of handling and display.


Painted by CJ Cummings, each miniature arrives with a signed letter from him.

CJ Cummings is a Golden Demon award winner, Artisan, Artist, Author, and Game Designer. You can check out more of his works at mostlysafe8.com and amazingtinkers.com. 

Painted Miniature: Diorama Token Of Earth And Water Jackalope Role Playing Game