Delightfully Creepy Cute Designer Art Doll, Fantasy Doll with Antlers! For Nature Lovers

Hanna, Karma Doll is an albino freckled girl who grew up in the wilderness, she loves nature so much, she has become like her forest friends and grown a pair of antlers.
Hanna helps you connect and get back to your nature roots.

She is 100% hand sewn by me - Gypsyana. I'm a Gypsy traveling around the West Coast in our caravan with my kilt-wearing Scot husband. Hanna is made with an armature wire frame to support her antlers. Her head turns, arms can bend and hold position. She's stuffed with cotton batting, able to hold multiple Karma Pins if you wish. (Pins sold separately) She has a full head of yarn hair. Hanna has a weighted bottom so she can sit on a shelf, her striped legs are soft to dangle in the air. She is wearing a vintage lace dress. Karma Doll strives to make our dollies with up-cycled materials when ever possible.


"Hanna", is hand made to Order, with a 2-3 week shipping time line durring the Holidays

Disclaimer: Karma dolls are NOT for young children. Karma Dolls are a fun way to release your unnecessary stress in your life, stay out of trouble, and reclaim your peace.
What you do with your poppet is your business.

Each Karma dolly is blessed to the Supreme before leaving the caravan. Remember, we recommend Karma Dolls to be used for positive purposes only. Beware the Karmic lash-back should you not heed this warnin'.

Made by a Real Gypsy

Oh, and one more thing...
...Fun Fact, Hannas look and back story was inspired by the original Movie "Hanna"

Karma Doll Copyright 2019

Creepy Cute Fantasy Doll with Antlers, Adorable Horrible "Hanna" by Karma Doll