Welcome to The World That Was - The Miniature Game!

Who knew that for there to be peace in the Land, humankind had to be destroyed for over 1000 years? Yet there were successors.  Small pockets of humanity had survived in various areas of the Land. As they sought to rebuild using what remnants of Knowledge they possessed, the effects of the Cataclysm changed them over time. Each group was strengthened to survive and thrive in their new environment. In time, as the detrimental effects waned and the earth was resurrected, these new Nations emerged to be successors in the Land called Amrika. Now, years after the first settlements arose from the ashes, the Nations continue to expand out from their settlements and interact in The World That Was!


Now you have everything you need to develop your part of Amrika using your Avatar and the Armies you command. Whether you play a small Skirmish or a War, you can pick-and-choose what you need within this Tome. There will be games that are one-sided as a Mighty Artificers may strive to see if he can take on an entire Army – and survive!


What you hold is the Good Parts Version of my youth as a Role Player, a Tabletop Miniature Gamer, and Award Winning Miniature Painter.


This is not a Game where multiple Editions are rolled out to make you – the Player – buy this Tome of Rules again and again and again. This Tome is a Stable Ruleset for your Wargames that we can pass on generation to generation. Use this Tome of Rules to create any flavor Unit you need to make your Nation come alive and tell its Story.


We do listen to you – the Player – and one thing experience has taught me is this: if you want to break your Ruleset, give it to the Players. You are the ones who find the powerful combinations, the loop-holes, and the min-max. And in Tournaments your Feedback is always appreciated. For any comments or insights, send an e-mail to MostlySAFE@proton.me!


Know that you have in your hands a clean, layered Ruleset you can share with your children, and their children as well.


162 page Paperback
Black and White Interior Color
ISBN 9781387885190
8.5" x 11"
Copyright 2022 MostlySAFE 


Written by:
CJ Cummings
Miniatures painted by:
CJ Cummings

Art by:
CJ Cummings


You can check out more of CJ's and Tam's work at amazingtinkers.com!

Miniatures sold separately.

The World That Was Miniature Game TW2 Tabletop Role Playing Strategy