Welcome to The World That Was Tabletop Miniature Game!
Everything you need to develop your part of Amrika using your Avatar and the Armies you command. Whether you play a small Skirmish or a War, you can pick-and-choose what you need within this Tome. There will be games that are one-sided as a Mighty Magi may strive to see if he can take on an entire Army – and survive! And as you continue to create the Stories of your Avatar on the tabletop you will find yourself making House Rules to fit you and your mate’s play style. And that’s mighty fine indeed. The Game is meant to be Played, and we act as Arbiters as we look down upon our tabletop boards to command minions below. The goal was to recreate the layered elements of Miniature Gaming in a clean rule-set – but not so tight to restrict some interplay between Phases. With the addition of different Dice-types comes different variables, different probabilities, and different bell curves making Phases like Magic a mini-game of its own.

This is the Playtest Edition limited to 50 available.

We do listen to you – the Player – and one thing experience has taught me is this: if you want to break your Rule-set, give it to the Players. You are the ones who find the powerful combinations, the loop-holes, and the min-max. And in Tournaments your Feedback is always appreciated. For any comments or insights, send an e-mail to tw2heroes@gmail.com!


Participation includes your name among the List of Heroes in final publication, and a free copy of the updated Edition upon print at end of 2021. So get stuck in and see what you can do!

Reform – Balance – Orthodox
We see the trope of Order versus Chaos. Too much Order creates sterility, stifling creation, while an abundance of Chaos lacks structure and form: cancer. Within The World That Was it is the Players who take on subtle aspects of Order and Chaos, as their forces of strict Orthodox Clergy push against the Reform Professors seeking change of tradition. While the Scale may shift one way or another, as the Players advance their Story they will find it always returns to Balance – before the shift towards opposite extreme.

Quantum Theory
There is a saying, “What happens in Life, echoes in Eternity.” When we apply Tesla’s ideas of energy, vibration, and frequency an entire Multiverse of possibility opens. These Stories between two Players suddenly become insight into what happens in this future probability – and your choices, your intentions, change the course of this Multiverse’s Reality. Are you a kind and benevolent tyrant? Are you out for Glory and Gain? Is it the unexplored areas in pursuit of knowledge in Amrika that drives your Avatar? Your choices determine outcome. Overlapping synchronicities showing Fibonacci’s pattern in Past and Future – and by principle of Quantum Mechanics “Observation Changes Outcome” – the Players are able to alter the course of this Future and write the World they want to see come to fruition. The choice is always up to the Individual.

Perpetual Archetypes
We need only look to Joseph Campbell and see the Hero’s Journey we are all upon. The Players take on the role as one of those Heroes with 1000 Faces and enter into the Grand Play far off in the future of an unexplored Land. In The World That Was, the sting of losing a favorite character is replaced with the hard wallop of Knowledge: Death becomes a Learning Experience. Whether through ransom, mighty escape with Story of its own, or the God of Knowledge reassembling Quantum structure to make your Avatar a sign for your people… that’s your Story to tell as to how your Avatar is ready to face challenge again, and again, and again. They are Chosen, and their Story must be Written.

Stable Ruleset
This is not a Game where multiple Editions are rolled out to make you – the Player – buy this Tome of Rules again and again and again. We have Expansions meant to enhance this Tome and increase your enjoyment and what you can do in The World That Was – on many levels. No, this Tome is meant to be a Stable Rule-set for your Wargame to pass on generation to generation. As we have evolved, so too have our Games and for many Miniature Games are our Chess. This Tome of Rules is generic to create any flavor Unit you need to make your Nation come alive and tell its Story. And know that you have in your hands a clean, layered Rule-set you can share with your children, and their children as well.

Tabletop Tabletop Miniature Game - "The World That Was"Role Playing Game

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