Welcome to Gardening inside your own Home!
Space Buckets are Horticultural Growing Systems that allow you to grow fruits and vegetables anywhere! And with this Urban Gardening guide you will know how to grow your own from Seed to Harvest.

Learn everything from Propagation, Vegetative Stage, and Bloom Stage!
Learn about Nutrients, Foliar Sprays, Feed Schedules, and how to pH solutions.
Learn Basic and Advanced Growing techniques.
Gain understanding of Nutrient and Soil blends.
Learn how to Recycle and Compost Soil.
Learn how to put money back into your wallet by growing the foods you desire. The only limit is your imagination!
And much more!

These techniques can be used with any Space Bucket!


MostlySAFE Space Buckets arrived in 2015 providing a way for anyone to become an Urban Gardener. The evolving Plug-and-Play parts and LED technology provides everything for those seeking to grow their own food and plants at a fraction of the cost - inside your own home! And even more are joining us as they seek Urban Gardening solutions. Don't be afraid. Grow Your Own!


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Space Bucket Urban Gardening Guide eBook