MostlySAFE presents the RainMan Garden Gnome - MostlySAFE's first Designer Art Toy available to the public!


Get your own RainMan for your Home, Office, or Garden! Each RainMan is made of Epoxy Resin and hand-finished by the MostlySAFE Crew. Made in the USofA!


Have fun decorating your area with MostlySAFE's RainMan mascot!

Have RainMan stand guard inside your Garden!
Have RainMan proclaim your love of all things MostlySAFE wherever you display him!


The RainMan likes to make it rain over all who is around him, sharing in the blessings provided. With each RainMan sold: a portion of your proceeds will go to the Oregon Food Bank. MostlySAFE stands committed to our community - especially in this time of Trial. So add a Good Deed to your list along with your purchase of the MostlySAFE RainMan Garden Gnome!


Not intended for children. For 14+ years. Designer Art Toy intended for Adults.


Pictures by Mistybay Photography:

Garden Gnome - MostlySAFE RainMan Mascot Designer Art Toy