Welcome to The World That Was!

Level 2 Hero, Independent, Inheritance
164 pts                  

Move – Disc – Acc – Str – Con – HP – Init – Att – Cha
   4     –    3   –   5   –   3   –   4  –    1   –   5  –   4   –  7

Shiny Shiv:
+1 To Hit
Shiny Shirt: +1 Armor Save Chain
Box of Shinies: -1 to Hit (Assault)
On Foot/Mounted: 25mm x 25mm/25mm x 50mm
Nation Skill: Inheritance (+50 points extra Science Upgrades)
Armor Save: 4+
Move: 4 inches
Hit Points: 2
No. of Attacks: 4
You want to hire Ernie? Is it because you think you can get your hands on his treasure box of Shinies? Don’t let them treasures distract you, my friend. That’s Ernie. If you need to get into some down-deep spelunkin’ and double-time dungeon-clearin’, Ernie is the murderhobo you need in the Grimdark. They say when it comes to slicin’ and dicin’, Ernie is the little man for the job. But if you’re looking for someone to talk at people, all diplomat-like, then keep lookin’! And don’t forget to bring something shiny before you talk to Ernie!


This miniatures is painted in Autumn palette with NMM and Texture/Freehand. All miniatures are sealed with Dull Cote to protect against the lump and bumps of gaming.


Part of the emerging series 'The World That Was' (TW2), these miniatures are products used in the creation of the video series. A  fantasy world 1000 years in the future centered around the North American continent, adventurers wind their way across our drastically altered landscape as they seek riches and glory! 


Painted by CJ Cummings, each miniature arrives with a signed letter from him certifying his painting and use of the miniature in the TW2 series.


CJ Cummings is a Golden Demon award winner, Artisan, Webcomic, and Writer. You can see his comics at mostlysafe8.com and amazingtinkers.com. 


May your dice roll in your favor!

Painted Miniature: Stitch Thimbletoe, Halfling Thief Games AD&D WHFB AoS Fantasy