Available for hire now: an Orc Warlord of might and means.

Heavily converted with back banner, wolf-pel cloak, and rampaging boar mount. Known to get stuck-in and givin' wot-fer along with healthy applications of boot-to-arse. Get him to lead your horde while you can.


This miniatures is painted using Contrasting Palette, Texture, and RMM. All miniatures are sealed with Dull Cote to protect against the lump and bumps of handling and display.


Painted by CJ Cummings, each miniature arrives with a signed letter from him.


CJ Cummings is a Golden Demon award winner, Artisan, Artist, Author, and Game Designer. You can check out more of his works at mostlysafe8.com and amazingtinkers.com. 

Painted Miniature: Orc Warlord on War Boar Warhammer Fantasy DnD Role Playing