The Future is NOW.  Welcome to MostlySAFE Space Buckets! 

The RainMan brought standardization and improved form in design. 
The JABBERWOCKY! brings improved performance and design to increase yields.


A UFO LED coupled with an LED Spacer boosts photon output - using the Principles of Yield to boost Space Bucket productivity. 

Fearless: Rise as high as 5 Spacers - or more!
Power: UFO LEDs range from 150 watts to 300 watts in LED power.
Independence: Unleash yourself from Produce Department in the Grocery Store.
Freedom: Grow fruits and vegetables in your Mobile Home, RV, or Apartment. 
Reliability: Quality parts create quality products at an affordable price.
Brazen: Pushing the limits by providing an entire Horticultural Grow System.
Bold: With 115 volt fans, you won't be whiffling through the tulgey wood.
Forward: A tried and tested Grow System that dares to seek new horizons - Dwarf Trees!
The Future: Vertical Grow your garden in your own home. You are Self-sufficient. You are Independent.
Success: Snicker-snack delicious fruits and vegetables with your vorpal blade every harvest.
Trust: UFO LEDs with a 7 year lifespan. Plug-and-play construction. 115v Fans with Adapters. A chassis that lasts its lifetime.


JABBERWOCKY! The next evolution in the Space Bucket revolution!

This specific Horticultural Growing System can grow 1 tp 6 plants to maturity. Holds a 3 gallon pot perfectly. 

12 inch by 12 inch footprint and stands approximately 25 inches tall.

Completed JABBERWOCKY Space Buckets will be shipped 2-3 weeks after receipt of funds.

The JABBERWOCKY comes with standard equipment: 

1 UFO LED - 150w or 300w to choose from!
1 UFO Spacer with Lid
1 100w LED Spacer 
1 Bucket Body - includes MostlySAFE 120mm Fan Adapters x2, Fans x2, and Power Strip 
MostlySAFE Fan Shields x2
1 Outlet Timer
4 Basic Spacers
1 SKROG Bucket - fits a 3 gallon pot perfectly!

Enjoy fresh vegetables during the Winter!


Remember: You are working around electricity and water. Be careful and attend to safety precautions. Buyer assumes all risk.

MostlySAFE Space Buckets: JABBERWOCKY! Indoor Vertical Garden Horticultural