Designer Toy,  Indie Art Toy, Bad Neighbor by Karma Doll

I'm happy to Present Bad Neighbor - Karma Doll in a pocket size 3 inch Designer Art Toy. Special Limited Run of 25 to collect.

3-5 Day Shipping time

Don't let her pocket size fool you, She is grouchy as ever and still a bit of a booze hound. She insisted that I sculpt her a logger size BEER, or she wouldn't pose for me.

Be forewarned she will sneak into your liquor cabinet. Based off the original Bad Neighbor Rag Doll.

(Rag Doll in picture Not Included)

This poppet is hand sculpted, cast in resin, and hand painted by me - Gypsyana. I'm a Gypsy traveling around the West Coast in our caravan with my kilt-wearing Scot husband. Voodoo Dick hand cast in resin, hand painted and sealed. Created entirely in house in the Amazing Worldly Tinkers Caravan.


Karma Dolls are just for funsies!


Disclaimer: Karma dolls are NOT for young children. Suitable for 15+ years.


Oh, and one more thing......Peace is a state of mind.



Karma Doll Copyright 2019

VooDoo Dick Copyright 2019

MostlySAFE. Used by permission

Designer Toy, Indie Art Toy, Ragdoll Toy, Bad Neighbor by Karma Doll