Mustache Ride Customs presents: CAPTAIN PLANK!

Limited Edition Blind Box Designer Toy!
Starring YouTube's own Captain Plank! (She just plays people.)
With Autist Stare!

Enhanced Bewbage!

Wooden Acting Ability!

Bring your own CAPTAIN PLANK! into your Home with Mustache Ride Customs' newest InAction Figure! 3.25 inches of FUN!


20 Blindbox Figures Available.

15 Common Red Solar Flare

4 Uncommon Yellow Sunburst

1 Rare Glow-In-The-Dark

Blindbox Custom Art Toy Signed and Numbered Limited Edition: 20 out of 20

This Action Figure has 0 points of moving articulation.
Painted in [15] Solar Flare (Red + Purple + Gold) or [4] Sunburst (Yellow + Red + Gold) or [1] GID (Glow-In-The-Dark) Palette.
Sealed with Acrylic for a durable finish.
Handmade, vaccum-molded and pressure-cast Designer Art Toy.

CJ Cummings is an Artisan, Artist, and Author. You can check out more of his Art and Artisan work here at


Unpainted Variants: Booth Exclusive! Find The Amazing Worldy Tinkers to get one!
The Fandom Menace: Without Respect, We Reject!

Custom InAction Figure CAPTAIN PLANK - Mustache Ride Designer Art Toy