"Creepy Cute Teddy Bear Custom, Goth Horror Bear, Stuffed floppy Bear, Adorable Horrible

Goth Bear by Karma Doll


Goth Bear wants to be your friend. He is a great lister and never interupts. Share your deepest secrets with him he will protect your secrets and never tell anyone what you've entrusted him with. Unburden yourself, and watch the wieght of your burdens be lifted.


This 16" Rag doll floppy Bear Poppet is study and sewn by me - Gypsyana. I'm a Gypsy traveling around the West Coast in our caravan with my kilt-wearing Scot husband. Creepy cute Teddy is made with recycled sweater fabric, stuffed with cotton batting and a poly bead pouch for a weighted bottom. Karma Dolls are made to order with recycled materials when ever possible. So buttons, exact color and fabric may vary slightly. The design and bottom of feet are the same for each order. Each Karma dolly is blessed to the Supreme before leaving the caravan.


"Goth Bear", is hand made to Order with a 2-3 week shipping time line durring the Holidays


Karma Dolls are made with love by a Real Gypsy.


Oh, and one more thing......Don't feed teady after midnight, trust me it's not a good idea~GypsyanaKarma Doll Copyright 2019


Creepy Cute Goth Bear, Adorable Horrible Teddy Bear by Karma Dolls