MostlySAFE presents #EtherSec the Musical!


Volume 3 of MostlySAFE Webcomic introduces Al Jinn - an Investigative News Reporter for JNN News Network who finds himself embroiled in the Quiet War!
Continue the Kekistan Story with NEW Characters and NEW Twists!
Conspiracy Theory Psychonauts can join in The Quiet War with the nexGen ANTIVIRAL WETWARE DOWNLOAD from #EtherSec!
Join the Mystical Master Magi of Make-Believe!
Bend spoons with the powers of your mind!
Amaze your friends!

72 Pages


Black & White


Publication Date: Dec 12, 2021

ISBN 9781794709799

Comics & Graphic Novels

By CJ Cummings

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Comic Graphic Novel - MostlySAFE Volume 3 #EtherSec the Musical