Designer Toy Big Foot Action Figure, Indie Art Toy, Carnie Toy, "Big Foot"- Karma Doll
5 Points Articulation Action Figure

I'm happy to introduce Big Foot Karma Doll Designer Art Toy. Special Limited addition. Ships in 3-5 Days

Comes in a Karma Doll Carnies card back complete piece of art.  

Karma Doll toys are just for funsies!

For the first time in his life, Big Foot finds total acceptance just as he is, as he joins the unique nomad's traveling freak show.  Big Foot is now part of the Karma Doll Carnies action figure line.

This toy is cast in resin, and hand painted by me - Gypsyana. I'm a Gypsy traveling around the North West in our caravan with my kilt-wearing Scot husband. Big foot comes on a card back with his story on the back. He is easily removed to play with, then you can pop him back in and hang him on the wall for a complete piece if are. His story is on the pack of the card back.
 Created entirely in house in the Amazing Worldly Tinkers Caravan.

Disclaimer: Karma dolls are NOT for very young children.

Oh, and one more thing...
...Size doesn't matter, spread light and love and that's what will come back to you.

Karma Doll Copyright 2019
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Big Foot Customs Action Figure, Indie Art Toy, Big Foot Carnie Toy by Karma Doll