Creepy Cute Alice in Wonder Land White Rabbit, Tim Burton style rabbit. French Lop rag doll, my name is Sad Bun by Karma Doll 

"Follow the white rabbit" Alice

Made to order with a 2 wk shipping time line.

This 16" Sad Bunny is sturdy and well made, hand sewn by me - Gypsyana. I'm a Gypsy traveling around the West Coast in our caravan with my kilt-wearing Scot husband.

Sad Bun is made with cotton fabric, stuffed with cotton batting, with a polly bead weighted bottom. White Rabbit has thick flexible ears that can be moved yet still hold position. 
Sad Bun Karma Doll makes a great gift for Tim Burton fans.

Karma Dolls are just for Funsies!


*Buttons may vary, and inner ear fabric may vary based on availability.

Oh, and one more thing... pill makes you bigger, one pill makes you smaller...choose wisely 


Karma Doll Copyright 2019

Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit, Rag Doll Bunny, "Sad Bun" by Karma Doll

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