Mustache Ride Customs presents: THE FANDOM MENACE!
Starring the DIY Guy - Merc4Hire!
With Pop-Pop Rifola!

DIY Guy leaps out of the pages of Mustache Ride: The Fandom Menace! Equipped with an Anti-Bean-Basher Helmet and Protecta SupaSuit with black rubber gloves!

DIY Guy is on the Hunt for Daniel S. Pizza after getting beaninated by Crimebot R174! Armed with his Pop-Pop Rifola and equipped with blue-green Titty Milk!
What happens next?

DIY Guy in Protecta SupaSuit! Continue your adventures with Mustache Ride Custom's newest 5poa 3.75" Action Figure!
UPgraded with Anti-Bean-Boppin' Helmet!
Pop-Pop Rifola!
Blue-Green Titty Milk!

Custom Art Toy Signed and Numbered.

Made in USA.

This Action Figure has 5 points of moving articulation: swivel neck, swivel arms, swivel legs. Made of high-impact, pressure-cast plastic.
Painted single-layer Blood Angel Palette.
Sealed with Acrylic for a durable finish.
Accessory colors may vary.


Unpainted Variants: Booth Exclusive! Find The Amazing Worldy Tinkers to get one!
Custom Cardback and Blisterpack Included.
Stand not included. But I can add one in for Free, if you ask nice.

CJ Cummings is an Artisan, Artist, and Author. You can check out more of his Art and Artisan work here at

The Fandom Menace: Without Respect, We Reject.

Action Figure 5poa 3.75 DIY Guy - Mustache Ride Designer Art Toy