Introducing Mustache Ride Comics Action Figures from MostlySAFE!


DIY Guy leaps from the pages of Mustache Ride Comics into your own home! Reenact his adventures with this Limited Edition Action Figure!

They say DIY Guy is "the guy to know" when it comes to making mechanisms and exploding equipment. All we know is, when you need guns, bombs, or some other apparatus that goes BOOM: give DIY Guy a call - and make sure you pick up when he calls. 


DIY Guy Action Figures with 5 points of articulation.
Fandom Menace sticker.


Hand Sculpted and Pressure Cast. Not 3D Printed. 
Handmade in the USofA.
Limited Edition 5 of 5.


Small parts not intended for children. Ages 15+.


Mustache Ride: The FANDOM MENACE Graphic Novel by CJ Cummings and Tammy Brant - available NOW!

CJ Cummings is a Golden Demon award winner, Artist, Artisan, and Author. You can see more of his work at and 

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