Jabberwocky Space Bucket

MostlySAFE began in 2014 with the invention of the MostlySAFE Space Bucket Horticultural Growing System. What began in the garage grew into

a Production Company.

The MostlySAFE Horticultural Growing System provides an indoor vertical garden for people who live in small spaces - like Apartments, Tiny Homes, and RVs.

You can grow fruits and vegetables throughout the

entire year.

And with LED Technology - at a fraction of the cost!

MostlySAFE faced opposition in 2018 from Redditors seeking to Trademark the generic term 'Space Bucket'. This action would prevent Artisans from selling their own Space Buckets and make them pay just to use the term 'Space Bucket'.

This would not do!
With the help of Knowmad Law, MostlySAFE stepped up to keep the generic term open and available - and was victorious. Further, Space Buckets were officially registered as "Horticultural Growing Systems" by the

US Patent and Trademark Office. AWESOME!

Even better! The Space Bucket market is free and open, with multiple Artisans now selling on platforms like Etsy and Shopify. Search 'Space Buckets' and check them out.

TM Victory 02DEC18

With the 2020 COVID lockdown and disruption, MostlySAFE did not quit! With two self-published Space Bucket books under our belt, we moved into Independent Comic Publishing with Mustache Ride Comics. Meanwhile, MostlySAFE partnered with Karma Doll Toys to create "The Amazing Worldy Tinkers".

Now MostlySAFE produces Toys, Comics, Actions Figures, Dolls, and Games for Karma Doll Toys -

"Just for Funsies!"

MostlySAFE produces products from plastics and rubber for durability and longevity. Space Bucket parts must be able to withstand long-term abuse, while Toys are meant to be played with! It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

Parts and Accessories are not 3D Printed,

but MostlySAFE does mold and cast from 3D Printed parts.

This ensures a longer lifespan and better quality

than 3D Printed resin.


MostlySAFE stepped into Gaming in 2021 with

"The World That Was" Tabletop Miniature Game.

Using 28mm miniatures and handmade terrain, MostlySAFE and Karma Dolls then created the video series in the fantasy setting of Amrika to accompany the game and hand-painted miniatures. Take a look on our Video page for Season 1 of The World That Was.

And stay tuned for Season 2!

What began in the garage turned into a Production business and a thriving partnership. Where many would quit, we did not. And the best is yet to come!

MostlySAFE is hopeful as we look to the future knowing how much we have overcome to get where we are now. As many who read these words have also done since 2020! The knowledge and experience has made MostlySAFE stronger, and the bumps and bruises along the way made for very valuable lessons.

We can't wait to see what comes next!


MostlySAFE Webcomic


Meet Kevin!

Shipper, Customer Service

Part of the dynamic duo of Shipping, Kevin prepares your MostlySAFE Space Bucket for transit to your doorstep.


Meet Trevor!

Sales, Customer Service

Trevor is our our #1 Salesman on the MostlySAFE Showroom Floor!

(Don't hug him without asking first.)


Meet Jen!

Marketing, Management, Customer Service

Jen is our Team Leader! Or as she says, "Our cat wrangler."

Meet Marjory!

Shipping, Customer Service

Part of the dynamic duo in Shipping, Marjory tells Kevin how to package your MostlySAFE Space Bucket - whether he likes it or not.


Meet CJ!

Owner, Artisan, Author, Artist

People Before Profit.

Independence & Self-Sufficiency.


He lifts heavy things.

Meet Tam!

Owner, Photographer, Author, Artist

Tam is MostlySAFE's Photographer, a seasoned Tracker, and CJ's handler.


Meet Wumpus!

Assistant, Customer Service

MostlySAFE Mascot and Thief Of All Things Not Nailed Down. When things go catewumpus, chances are there's a Wumpus nearby. Love him anyway.